Welcome in my private emailing list !
Hi ! Welcome in my private emailing list !! In this email, I will teach you about "How to get your 1st client fast". And if you read the entire email, there will be a surprise for you at the end... So, I'm Bastien GROS, from France. And I'm 15. I started showing some interest to business and investment 2 years ago. I simply started by typing "how to become a millionaire ?". From this moment, I started learning about business and investment on YouTube, Instagram, and even on Telegram. Then I created my first page, to share my knowledge about business and investment for free. Later, I learned it was possible to earn money from IG. My journey really begins there. I tried to sell my own services on IG but realized I didn't even knew who I was selling to, the value of my services, my market, and that I couldn't help anybody without enough knowledge. I learned from : my experience, my mistakes, and my connections. Talking 'bout business with a lot of other entrepreneurs really helped me ! Now, what do I do ?